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Le Newman: A Spectacular Contemporary Multi-Family Residential Concept

Montreal, August 25, 2020 – We are delighted to be announcing this expansive community-focused residential project with so many amenities and benefits. A variety of residential products, original high-quality architecture, sustainable construction site management and integration of the project in its surroundings. Anxious to set the tone in transforming the urban fabric of this sector of LaSalle/Angrignon, the impressive Le Newman mixed residential project will open the way for the introduction of a dynamic city-based community.

Le Newman will feature three distinct buildings located on an immense 20,000 m2 lot where more than half the space will consist of inviting green areas (terraces and paths). Located a few streets from Angrignon Park, running along Newman Boulevard up to Léger Street, this huge project will accommodate 950 residential units (DevMcGill condos, a Mostra available for rental and a Jazz residence for active retirees). It will help to revitalize a former commercial site where four automobile dealerships were located.

Developed by Cogir Real Estate in partnership with Welltower and designed by NEUF architect(e)s, Le Newman will help residents to retake a commercial space whose transformation will include the integration of many sustainable development strategies.
Architectural Concept

With the residence for active retirees reaching the maximum height of 16 storeys (65 m), the overall approach will favour a transition in the elevation of the buildings to 14 for the rental  buildings, whose top will be recessed to give it some lightness and to reduce the sensation of height. The condo structure (phase 1) will rise to 15 storeys and will also be slightly recessed at the higher floors.

Sustainable Development Initiatives

The sector’s revitalization will be a function, in part, of an integrated mixed neighbourhood. With this in mind, outdoor green spaces will be laid out, and they will feature some community equipment for the project. The large paved surfaces which were present on the site will be removed and there will be a clear preference for materials that have a low volatile organic compound (VOC) content. The development of space that promotes sound waste management will, of course, comply with the LaSalle Borough standards.

We firmly believe that carrying out such a groundbreaking project will contribute to the urban transformation of the Western Angrignon District into an attractive, mixed and dynamic community. The official launch will take place next October.



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