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We are very proud to launch our 5th corporate magazine in digital format (available in French only). As a sign of the times, our publication will reach an even larger readership and support our deep commitment to the environment.

Reflecting our dynamic operations, the magazine will cover all our ongoing projects. You will discover, among other things, full articles covering our latest projects, current trends in interior design, and the Scandinavian approach to urban development and city-living.

(French Only)


A spectacular multi-family housing concept in keeping with its era.

A unifying project with many assets: a variety of residential options, original high-quality architecture, sustainable site management, integration within its surroundings, Le Newman promises to be the source of a vibrant urban community.

The project will feature three distinct structures – a DevMcGill condominium complex, a Mostra rental condo building and a Jazz residence for active retirees – spread out over a very large 20,000 square-metre area where half will consist of inviting green space.

Le Newman will therefore foster a truly urban community in the heart of a municipality teeming with human experience.

A magnificent multi-service cottage surrounded by green space, as well as relaxation, socialization and entertainment areas will be at the heart of this innovative project.


  • 324 units
  • 2 phases


  • 228 units
  • 2 phases

Private Retirement Community

  • 398 units
  • 2 phases

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